Emmy award winner
1999, 2002, 2003

Best Original Score
Elevate Film Festival 2007

All music composed and
arranged by Robbie Kondor

Music for Film

The Significant Other
Directed by Shalene Portman.

Featurlng Phlllp Seymour Hoffman, Dylan Baker
Lara Flynn Boyle, Camryn Manheim

The Suburbans
Featurlng Wlll Ferrell, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Ben Stlller

Forever Fabulous
Featuring Jean Smart, Robert Wagner, Jennifer Eise Cox

Advice From a Caterpillar
Featurlng Cynthia Nixon, Andy Dick, Michael Musto

Ball in the House (aka. Relative Evil)
Featuring Jennifer Tllly, Jonathan Tucker, David Strathairn

Brothers in Arms (short)

Saving Face (additional music)

Series Seven: The Contenders (additional music)

Sum of All Fears (song production)

Equality U. (documentary)

Drawing Angel (short)

It Aint Over Till It's Over (short)